Diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive culture at water2business is an expression of our values; Trusted, Expert, Engaging and Expert.

Joining Our Team

Our job adverts and role profiles have been created to ensure we attract people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. We respect differences and take proactive steps to embrace them. We have completely reviewed our on-line application forms to ensure inclusivity and encourage people from a broad range of backgrounds to apply for jobs with us.

We are flexible in the way we conduct our interviews to suit different needs, including out of hours meetings. We also have mandatory mixed gender interviewers to ensure we remove any unconscious bias in our selection decisions and train our managers robustly to recruit our people solely based on skills, experience and the ability to do a great job. 

Your Journey

On your first day, you will join your team and receive expert, role specific training. Straight away, you will start to form relationships with a diverse range of people and build new networks. We provide additional courses to develop yourselves further, all are delivered with diversity in mind, adapting to a range of needs and preferences.

Our managers are all expertly trained in the importance of equality and inclusion and our processes and policies support an inclusive culture.
We have created a unique mentoring framework where we encourage our people to source mentors from different backgrounds to provide a variety of perspectives for them.

Our initiatives

At water2business, we’re always looking for new ways to ensure we not only recruit and retain a talented diverse team but that we have initiatives in place to generate awareness of the benefits of a diverse workforce and build a real sense of community.

Working Parents Group

We are passionate about everyone achieving their perfect work life balance and we understand what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. This is why, following the launch of our ‘Family Friendly Policies’, we launched our ‘Working Parents Group’. Our group runs every few months and is the perfect opportunity for working parents to discuss any challenges they may face trying to balance work and family life but to also celebrate achieving a better balance, whether that be attending sports day or finishing early each day to do the school run. The group is also a great chance to share top tips to make both work and home life that little bit easier – we especially love the amazing family holiday hints! We are proud to offer a flexible working policy to help support our team in achieving a perfect work life balance and with so many of our team already taking advantage of flexible working, we are always looking for new initiatives to further develop our suite of family friendly policies.

‘Pride Patrol’

Enter our ‘Pride Patrol’, a team that came together in 2018 to organise our attendance at our local Pride event and to engage our wider team in joining in the fun. Each year we proudly march through the streets of Bristol, and it has now become one of the highlights of our annual calendar of events. Our ‘Pride Patrol’ is growing year on year and absolutely anyone is welcome to support in organising and attending this amazing event.

Disability Confident

In 2019 we were very proud to achieve our ‘Disability Confident Committed’ status. This scheme is in place to support employers make the most of the talents that disabled people can bring to the workplace. As a business we have committed to:

  • Ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible
  • Communicating and promoting vacancies correctly
  • Encouraging applications and offering interviews to disabled people
  • Anticipating and providing reasonable adjustments
  • Supporting any existing employee who acquires a disability or long-term health condition enabling them to stay at work

16% of working adults in the UK are registered disabled. As a business, we guarantee interview slots for anyone applying for a job with us who has a disability. In addition, our managers are expertly trained to understand disability requirements and how to support with adjustments. With three levels of the disability confident programme, we are always looking for new commitments we can take to successfully recruit and retain disabled people and those with health conditions.

Lifting the Menopause Taboo

With 15% of women in our business at an age that they could be experiencing perimenopause or the menopause, and 12% of men having a female partner they could need to support, we made the decision to lift the taboo on the subject and establish a working group. We also have external experts visit us to provide guidance and support to all our managers on how to support their team members through this transition in their lives.

Our aim is to make sure we support people in every way possible to transition through this challenging stage in their lives by talking, sharing experiences and getting tips from each other to make this time a little easier. We provide flexibility and adjustments to support people in every way possible. 

The Future Generation

At water2business, we are committed to supporting our local community and helping the younger generation of aspiring working adults get started on their career journey. Each year, we support our local schools by sending volunteers to provide career advice, help students prepare for interviews, conduct mock interviews and help with CV preparation. The feedback we receive from these events is that the students feel more confident about leaving school and entering the workplace. We partner with a local college to provide Apprenticeship and professional qualification opportunities for our people too. 

We also look for opportunities that we can offer young people to join us during a work experience placement, in collaboration with local schools. Over the last few years we have offered numerous work experience placements including opportunities in our People and Marketing teams. 

No excuse for single use!

We are committed to removing 100% of single use plastic from our offices. In 2017 we removed all plastic cups from our water machines and provided every team member a reusable Health and Wellbeing water bottle. In 2018, we took this one step further by removing all plastic from our hot drinks machines and giving everyone a water2business travel mug made from bamboo fibre waste material. In doing this, we save 15,000 plastic cups being thrown away every single month! We also ensure any single use plates and cutlery used throughout the business are paper or bio-degradable #NoExcuseForSingleUse

Keep calm and recycle

Although we all know the importance of recycling, the consequences of getting it wrong can quite easily be forgotten during our busy every day lives. Every floor of our building has a recycling station giving team members the option to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and cans. Every station around our business has specially designed posters highlighting some interesting and sometimes shocking recycling-based facts.

Every year, we recycle roughly 15 tons of paper, 15,000 cans and 7,000 plastic bottles but we don’t stop there! We also ensure that materials are sourced responsibly, including plain paper which is FCS certified, meaning it is sourced from well managed forests and includes recycled materials. We also buy toner cartridges which have be already used and refilled in our printers.

Reducing emissions

We take ownership of reducing avoidable CO2 emissions. Every team member is encouraged to share journeys to and from work. Our team members benefit from the savings available through the government’s cycle2work scheme. water2business aims to encourage our people to cycle to work, thereby increasing their physical and mental wellbeing whilst also reducing environmental pollution.
We are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and a recent restructure of the way our meter reading team operate has seen a saving of 76,800 miles, equivalent to roughly 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Going paperless

We started our journey to reduce the amount of paper we were using by changing people’s attitudes in the way we use paper. We actively encourage the avoidance of printing with posters across the business asking “is this really necessary”? When printing is required, all of our printers are automatically set to print double sided.

One of the initiatives we’re most proud of include moving towards cloud-based storage (rather than filing cabinets). All documents produced within our business can now be shared with colleagues at the click of a button. Our clear desk policy has been in force for some time now to support this goal. 

We utilise technology wherever possible. Our training workbooks are now all on-line, reports are shared over intranet dashboards, our learning portal provides a library of resources electronically and the applications we use help us communicate with our people. 

We encourage our customers to not use paper too. All of our 2.5 million customers are asked to take advantage of e-billing, rather than receiving a paper bill. 

We've got the power!

At water2business we always strive to have a positive impact on the sustainability of our environment and run a number of energy saving programs to reduce our carbon footprint. One key programme was the introduction of PIR sensors to switch off our lights during periods of non-activity. Before these sensors were fitted, our office lights stayed on an average of 14 hours a day. The introduction of our PIR sensors have reduced this to 11 hours saving roughly 18,000kwh every single year. This is roughly the same as brewing 214,000 cups of coffee!

Water saving has also been considered with the switch to a new waterless urinal, saving an average of 200,000 litres of water each year! That’s enough water for 5,516 showers, 21,867 toilet flushes or 346,523 pints of beer! 

Sourcing responsibly

Every year that passes, humans exhaust a year’s supply of natural resources in less time than the previous year (currently standing at around eight months)! This is placing increasing demand on the world’s natural resources.

At water2business we look beyond quality and cost when sourcing suppliers. We take sustainability criteria into account when making purchasing decisions and want to be confident that our suppliers are sourcing their raw materials in a responsible, environmentally friendly way. 

Our suppliers are asked to demonstrate how they ensure their products and services they provide us with are not having a negative impact on people or the planet.

In addition to considering environmental issues, we also ask the question “have the highest levels of ethics been demonstrated within the supply chain”? This includes ascertaining if suppliers’ employees have been treated fairly and commit to having a work environment that is free from human trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour.

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