water2business delivers results for caterer apetito

apetito is a global market leader in providing food catering services.

Its UK head office is located in Wiltshire where the majority of its products are manufactured including more than one million ready-made meals a week. These are delivered to vulnerable or elderly people living in their own homes through sister company Wiltshire Farm Foods, and to care homes, local authorities and hospitals. 

The challenge

Since 2007, apetito has been committed to minimising its environmental impact and using resources wisely. It was the founder signatory to the Federation House Commitment, now called 'Food and Drink Manufacturing Water Use Reporting' that aims to reduce overall water usage across the entire food and drink sector by 2020.

As part of achieving that goal, water2business has been working in partnership with apetito to help reduce the amount of water used in its production processes and has recommended ways to improve efficiencies and reduce its water footprint. 

The solution

apetito's main UK site in Trowbridge uses 90,000m3 of water per year, most of which is used in cooking, cleaning and other activities, including cooling. water2business conducted an audit with the company to identify areas for improvement. One recommendation was to install Automated Meter Reading equipment, which displayed real time information on apetito's water usage, thereby establishing a baseline for requirements and trends. 

The results

42% reduction in water usage per unit production.

Implementation of a new and improved cleaning programme, which includes more efficient cleaning equipment. 
New measures in place to ensure that apetito's waste is suitable for its sewage treatment works so it can eventually be returned to the environment.

A new Automated Meter Reading system was installed to measure and review water consumption in real time (every 15 mins) helping to identify trends, patterns and potential problems such as leaks, faulty equipment and over-usage.

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Mark Lovett , Sustainability Manager

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Water efficiency tips

Small changes to the way your business operates can lead to big savings in your water bills. Fixing leaking taps, fitting water saving devices in bathrooms and purchasing efficient appliances are three ways you can cut water use and lower bills.