About us

Your water is our business

At water2business we offer leading customer service and tailored water and wastewater management that will help to improve efficiency and deliver savings.

We're not a newcomer to the market - we're a company with extensive industry knowledge that has a proven track record and already provides business services.

water2business was born out of a joint billing venture created by Bristol Water and Wessex Water in 2000.

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When you switch to water2business, you can be confident that your business will be in safe hands, benefit from flexible and consolidated billing for multiple sites and get help and advice from us to reduce your water usage and bill.

Water and wastewater services

From expert advice on water efficiency to detecting and repairing leaks on your premises, our team are here to work with you.

Meet our team

Our fantastic management team are responsible for ensuring our customers receive the best possible service as well as increase the savings and sustainability of their businesses.

Our blog

We want to share all our latest news with our existing customers and anyone who is thinking of switching to us. Read all about what we're up to on our blog.

Open water

Since April 2017 businesses and other non-household customers in England have been able to choose their water and sewerage retailer, under a government-led initiative called Open Water.