Water support

We have a range of services to help you manage your water consumption and save on costs. All of which can be tailored to meet your business’ individual needs.

Water efficiency

Small changes to the way your business operates can lead to big savings in your water bills. Fixing leaking taps, fitting water saving devices in bathrooms and purchasing efficient appliances are three ways you can cut water use and lower bills.

Water audits and benchmarking

How does your business measure up? Being water efficient is one of the best ways to save money on your water bills. A water audit will identify inefficiencies and potential savings.

Automated meter reading

Get smart with data. Changes in water use could indicate leaks, inefficient practices or other problems. Automated meter reading can help you spot changes quickly to decrease water loss and avoid extra costs.

Water saving devices

Investing in water saving devices can cut your business' water use dramatically - one device could lower it by as much as 98%! Find out about the devices we would recommend if you want to cut your water consumption - and your water bills too.

Water meters

There is likely to be a water meter installed at your premises. It means your business only pays for the water and wastewater services it uses. You can monitor how your business uses water and keep a control on costs by checking the meter regularly.