Water efficiency tips

It pays to be water efficient. 

Being water efficient means your business benefits from:

  • savings in increased operational efficiency and energy and reduced production and on-site water treatment costs
  • reduced effluent volumes due to less water consumption and, in many cases, lower effluent treatment or disposal costs
  • a good return on investment on recycling and reusing water investments
  • reduced carbon footprints and better corporate social responsibility. 

We can offer:

  • water efficiency audits - we can run a health check in your business to identify inefficiencies and potential savings
  • smart meters enable you to measure your water use as often as every 15 minutes and can help to identify leaks or inefficiencies
  • a tailored programme developed by us can help you to manage your water consumption and reach targets
  • benchmarking is a useful management tool to set realistic targets and use key performance analysis to see how your business measures against peers
  • expert advice from our team about the latest concepts in water efficiency including water saving devices and recycling tools.

Water saving tips

Small changes to the way your business operates can lead to big savings in your water bills. The following ideas could help:

Water audits and benchmarking

How does your business measure up? Being water efficient is one of the best ways to save money on your water bills. A water audit will identify inefficiencies and potential savings.

Water saving devices

Investing in water saving devices can cut your business' water use dramatically - one device could lower it by as much as 98%! Find out about the devices we would recommend if you want to cut your water consumption - and your water bills too.