Leak detection and repair

More than 90% of leaks are not visible and sometimes only come to light with an unexpected high bill.

We recommend that all metered customers regularly check their meter and take readings between the billing months to help identify any potential leak issues.

If you need to find a local approved plumber or contractor to help you locate and/or repair a leak we recommend you use WaterSafe.

WaterSafe is a free online directory and national accreditation body for competent and qualified plumbers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



You simply type in your postcode to find your nearest WaterSafe plumber.

Some wholesalers may offer a limited leak detection service close to the site of your meter if it is on public land or close to your property/land boundary. Please contact us to check if you would qualify. 

Got a leak?

If you have repaired a leak at your property, and you meet the criteria for your wholesaler, we may be able to claim for an allowance from your wholesaler to help reduce your bill.

Stop tap test

The stop tap test is a simple way of checking your own property for any leaks. Check out our step by step guide.