Help and support

Here to assist your business

Whether you need advice on how to reduce your water consumption, want a water audit or need help with complex trade effluent consents, our team of experts are here to help and support your business through our assist programme.

You'll find a wealth of information in this section on water efficiency, as well as the services we've specifically designed to support you in reducing your operational costs and getting more value for money.

Water support

We have a range of services to help you manage your water consumption and save on costs. All of which can be tailored to meet your business’ individual needs.

Emergency support

Whether you need a leak repairing or if you just want to prepare for the worst, we’ve got your back.

Specialist support

Our expert team are here to provide guidance on complex water and waste matters, such as water regulations, drainage and trade effluent.

Trade effluent support

If your business discharges non-household sewage (trade effluent) to the public sewer, you will need to obtain consent. We can help you with all trade effluent matters.