Claiming a leak allowance

Am I eligible for an allowance?

As your retailer, your wholesaler charges water2business for all the water recorded by your meter. They set specific criteria for reducing bills where the water has been leaked or wasted and calculate any allowances due. We, in turn, pass on 100% of the allowance they calculate to our customers.

To help see if you are eligible to claim for an allowance we have detailed some quick points for you below, depending on who your wholesaler is. If your wholesaler's policy doesn't appear below you may be able to find it at ofwat.

I am eligible for an allowance - how do I claim?

If you have repaired a leak at your property, and you meet the criteria for your wholesaler, we may be able to claim for an allowance from your wholesaler to help reduce your bill.

In order for us to claim for an allowance, please complete our form:

Disclaimer: Please complete this form in full to assist us in requesting a leak allowance claim with your wholesaler. Any missing or incorrect information may delay the response to your claim.

Step 1 - Customer details