CCWater's Business Customer Complaint Report 2020-21

CCWater's Business Customer Complaint Report 2020-21

In the water industries’ annual customer complaints report, created by CCWater, water2business has delivered another strong performance, achieving the lowest level of complaints of any large non-household water retailer.

water2business, who serve over 80,000 business customers across England and Scotland, achieved a further complaint reduction of 18% in 2020-21, despite the non-household water market seeing an increase in written complaints by 5%. This reduction in complaint levels continues the water retailer’s downwards trend, which saw a 37% reduction in 2019-20.

Within the report, which outlines their key commitments for the year ahead, CCWater state “In particular water2business built on its strong position in 2019-20 and provided evidence that provider size does not necessarily correlate with poor complaint performance. There are lessons that can be learnt by the industry from these better performing retailers”.

Charley Maher, Managing Director of water2business, said: "With the continuing impacts brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been another tough year for businesses. I’m very proud of our team’s commitment to continue working closely with customers throughout the pandemic, to provide additional support, faster resolution, and higher quality interactions, which have all supported our continuous aim of complaint reduction, improved service and ultimately allowing our customers to focus on other things at this time.”

Image courtesy of CCWater's Business Customer Complaints Report 2020-21