Highest performance achievement

Highest performance achievement

New figures released by Ofwat have revealed we're the highest performing national major water retailer for meeting market performance standards (MPS), as set by MOSL when the non-household water market opened to competition in April 2017.

In 2018/19 we completed 88 per cent of our MPS tasks on time in and we were the only retailer in the industry to make an improvement on its performance from 2017/18 (81 per cent).

All other retailers except one saw a decline in performance compared to last year, with the worst reporting a 22 per cent drop in tasks completed on time.

Market performance standards measure both retailers and wholesalers' levels of performance across key service areas, including the switching of customers, meter reading submissions and processing new connection requests.

Charley Maher, managing director, said: "The market performance standards are in place for a very good reason - to ensure non-household customers get the most out of the open market and the best possible customer service.

"As an organisation that always places its customers as the top priority, we're really pleased to have not only improved our MPS score from last year but also to be named as the best performing national major retailer."

Ofwat's report is the latest in a chain of achievements for water2business in 2019. In February, we were highlighted by MOSL for having the most up-to-date meter readings out of all major retailers, with only less than five per cent of our 75,000 meters spread across the country left unread in more than 12 months.

More recently, the Consumer Council for Water revealed us as the national major retailer with the fewest number of customer complaints for the second year running.

The full MPS report can be found at www.ofwat.gov.uk