Reducing wastage and improving efficiencies – Continued partnership between water retailer and food manufacturer 

National water retailer water2business renews partnership with very first contracted customer, Labeyrie Fine Foods UK 

After a three-year contracted partnership with water2business, Labeyrie Fine Foods UK have signed to continue the relationship with the national water retailer for a further three year term. The continued relationship between the water retail and food manufacturing business is based on a joint vision of sustainability, reducing wastage and the provision of experienced and dedicated account management. 

In April 2017, the non-household water market in England opened for business, meaning for the very first time, businesses could choose who managed the billing of their water and wastewater services. It was hoped that by adding competition into the market, businesses would receive better value for money, an improved level of customer service and a more impactful range of additional products and services.  

water2business, who serve circa 82,000 customers across the UK, were thrilled when Farne Salmon become their first contracted customer in Scotland where market competition was introduced in 2008. Labeyrie Fine Foods UK, parent company of Farne Salmon and Lyons Seafoods, extended this relationship with water2business in 2017 when the English retail market opened. The partnership saw water2business continue the management of water and wastewater services at Farne Salmon in the Scottish Borders and Lyons Seafood in Wiltshire; a relationship that will now continue for a further three years. 

The sites in the Scottish Borders and Wiltshire both benefit from automated meter reading (AMR) facilities meaning water usage can be tracked every 15 minutes, allowing for prompt and efficient resolution to any sudden change. water2business, who are currently the number one ranked water retailer on the review site Trustpilot, also work closely with Farne Salmon and Lyons Seafood employees offering water efficiency training, ensuring an on-site driving force to support Labeyrie Fine Foods UK sustainability and waste reduction goals. 

Charley Maher

Managing Director of water2business, Charley Maher, said: 

“We have always had a fantastic relationship with Labeyrie Fine Foods UK, and it is always very humbling that they have decided to continue their partnership with water2business. Their passion for waste reduction is admirable and I believe our focus and joined up approach on sustainability is a key reason for the success of this partnership. The team at water2business are excited for the continued collaboration with Farne Salmon and Lyons Seafood and with the focus on a greener future more important than ever before, I am looking forward to the additional support we can provide to these forward thinking businesses.” 

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