Third Year at the Top Spot

Following the annual non-household water customer complaints report created by the Consumer Council for Water, we are extremely proud to have achieved the lowest level of complaints in the industry for the third year running, reducing our complaint volumes by a further 37% since last year. We were also reported as having over five times fewer complaints than the worst performing retailer.


CCWater’s report noted that complaint volumes across the industry have started to fall for the first time since the market opened in 2017 but there is still work to be done to reduce complaint levels to pre-market levels.

Charley Maher, Managing Director, said: "We pride ourselves on the service we provide our customers and we are extremely proud that we have been able to retain our position as best performing retailer in terms of complaints for the third year running.

It’s great to see that complaint levels across the industry as a whole are beginning to reduce, which is great news for customers however, there is still more work to be done to bring complaint volumes in line with the numbers received pre-market opening.

It has been a challenging few months for non-household customers with many having to close their doors due to the impacts of Covid-19. As a business I am proud of the speed in which the way we reacted to this crisis, meaning our customers did not notice any difference in the usual high standards of customer service they have come to expect. We were also pleased to be able to cease fixed charges on over 2,800 customer accounts who advised they had temporarily closed due to Covid-19.”

CCWater has shared that they will be observing retailers failing to meet licence conditions and challenge those whose complaints are above the industry average.