water2business hires industry's first trade effluent apprentice

water2business hires industry's first trade effluent apprentice

We've achieved an industry first in the water retail market by running an apprenticeship programme for the trade effluent part of our business. 

George Sheehan has started an 18-month apprenticeship where he will play a crucial role in handling customer queries, submitting trade effluent information to regulatory bodies and wholesalers, maintaining our trade effluent billing system and analysing data on customer usage. 

Trade effluent services manager, Phil Sinclair, said: "We're delighted to have George on board and think he will be an excellent addition to the team. We're also very proud to be the first retailer to offer an apprenticeship in this very specific field of work. 

"Trade effluent is quite a complex area and consequently this can make it difficult to recruit the right talent for the job. By launching an apprenticeship programme we can ensure George grows and develops into a trade effluent expert from the very beginning of his exciting new career."

George's apprenticeship will consist of both on the job training and shadowing Phil, while also completing a college diploma. 

George said: "I'm really excited to have joined water2business and the team have been extremely welcoming in my first couple of weeks. I've been interested in working in the water industry for a while and this apprenticeship will give me that experience along with the qualifications I need to progress." 

Charley Maher, managing director, said: "At water2business we firmly believe that mentoring and education is vital for developing and retaining talented employees. So an apprenticeship programme is a great way for someone to make their mark on a specific business area like trade effluent.

"Our business is all about people, and this role is a perfect mix of gaining in-depth knowledge on a specific subject matter and interacting with customers to provide the high standards of service we pride ourselves on."